American Pickers and Me

Alright, I really don’t know Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz the American Pickers guys from TV (even though we’re both from Iowa) but I really love this show and others like it such as Pawn Stars, Antiques Roadshow, and Black Dog Salvage.  The positive interaction among the stars and their interaction with their customers is refreshing for reality TV shows.  But mostly, as an appraiser, I just like to see what people think things are worth and why.  While I don’t deal much in “barn finds” or going through dusty attics, the process of pegging the value of something is oh so similar.

I started my appraisal career much like many other people start their business, doing whatever related business opportunities I could find or came along.  I initially learned what business assets were worth by conducting employee garage sales for companies with excess furniture and computers like Lockton Insurance, Lathrop and Gage Law Firm, and Kansas City Public School System.  We started doing replacement cost valuations for school systems.  One thing led to another and we had clients across the country.

Reading the star’s bios of the “valuation” related shows, I see the same thing.  Starting small, honing interpersonal skills, gaining knowledge about values, and really finding a profession and skill set I enjoy. While I would still like to meet Mike and Frank, for me it’s just fun to watch those shows and learn something along the way.  Hope you do too.

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