It’s Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile

It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile.  Even after being in business more than 20 years, we continue to come across projects that present us with something new.  A new type of machine that needs appraised.  An evolutionary change in what businesses use to get their job done.  Yes, we can value that Oldsmobile but it’s the new things that makes it fun, keeps things interesting.

One thing that keeps me interested in my job is always coming across something new.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the appraisal field.  At Certified Asset Appraisals, we value a wide variety of equipment from office chairs to dirt movers to CT Scanners.  We also get the opportunity to place values on new and sometimes unusual items as well like the machine in the picture.  Anybody want to take a guess as to what that thing is?  It’s not an Olds.  Send me your comments.

We recently successfully completed valuations of industrial candle making machines, commercial knitting machines and even a barge.  While we had not done any of these before each presented new challenges.  Appraising equipment is all about research.  And research is all about delving into a topic or situation you want to learn more about.  That’s true for any profession.

As an appraiser, it’s been fun to witness the evolution of technology in various types of businesses through the years.  This presents opportunities to again learn something new and adjust our thinking.  When we first started valuing educational equipment in school systems 20 years ago, there were just a few computers.  As time went on a few computers were all located in computer learning rooms.  Now, each kid has a tablet. The teachers used to have dry erase boards and an opaque projector.  Now classrooms have interactive smart boards.

The medical clinics and hospitals we appraised years ago had analog x-ray machines with smelly chemical x-ray developers.  Of course everything now is digital. It’s hard to find an exam room with a lighted x-ray film viewer.  Ultrasound machines were large and bulky.  Now they are no bigger than a laptop computer. Actually, some are laptops.  We are valuing medical records files/shelving less and less and now valuing electronic medical records systems more.

New challenges, new technology, the evolution of what makes businesses work.  For me and I think for most of us, that’s what makes our jobs interesting and fun. I embrace it and look forward to what’s next.

Oh, by the way, if you are still wondering about what the picture is, I’ll let you know in my next blog.

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