Our heavy and construction equipment appraisal projects have included small and large companies that are involved in acquisitions, mergers, or sales. We also provide appraisals for just a single piece of machinery that the owner is wanting to sell. Many of our projects are for clients and their commercial lenders for loan collateral or business acquisition.

Our appraisers are experienced at valuing nearly every type of machinery and vehicle, including:

• Backhoes
• Cranes
• Compactors
• Compressors
• Construction/Project Trailers
• Conveyors
• Dozers
• Dump Trucks
• Excavators
• Front End Loaders

• Generators
• Graders
• Loaders
• Paving Equipment
• Scrapers
• Semi tractors
• Telehandlers
• Trailers
• Trenchers
• Welders